My ex-wife is withholding information about my child's extracurricular events

Jul 9, 2019

Understanding Your Rights as a Co-Parent

When you and your ex-wife have joint custody of your child, it is crucial to maintain open communication and share important information about your child's life, including their extracurricular events. Unfortunately, situations may arise where one parent may choose to withhold this information, which can be frustrating and negatively impact your relationship with your child.

The Importance of Access to Extracurricular Information

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in your child's development by fostering their talents, providing social interaction, and encouraging personal growth. As a parent, you have the right to participate and support your child's extracurricular events.

Legal Options for Resolving Co-Parenting Issues

If your ex-wife is withholding information about your child's extracurricular events, it's crucial to take appropriate legal steps to protect your rights and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship. Here are some options to consider:

1. Communicate Openly

Initiate a conversation with your ex-wife about your concerns regarding the lack of information about your child's extracurricular activities. Stress the importance of your involvement and inquire about the reasons behind her actions. Open and honest communication can often help resolve such issues amicably.

2. Utilize Co-Parenting Apps

Explore the use of co-parenting apps that provide a dedicated platform for sharing important information about your child's activities, including schedules, updates, and reminders. These apps can facilitate effective communication and help ensure that both parents are on the same page.

3. Consult with a Family Law Attorney

If communication and technology-based solutions do not yield positive results, it may be necessary to seek legal advice from a knowledgeable family law attorney. An experienced attorney can provide guidance specific to your situation and help protect your parental rights.

Working Towards Co-Parenting Solutions

Resolving co-parenting issues requires a cooperative approach and a focus on the best interests of your child. Here are some strategies that can contribute to finding a solution:

  • Mediation: Consider participating in mediation sessions to facilitate productive communication, address concerns, and develop a mutually agreeable parenting plan.
  • Custody Modification: If necessary, you may need to pursue a custody modification through the court system to ensure that the rights of both parents are protected and that information about your child's extracurricular events is shared equitably.
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of all attempts made to address the issue, including dates, times, and the method of communication. This documentation can be crucial if legal action becomes necessary.
  • Child Advocate: If your child's well-being is at risk, consider involving a child advocate or counselor who can provide a neutral perspective and help mediate between the parents in the best interest of the child.

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