9 of the Most Bizarre Workers' Comp Cases

Nov 23, 2017

Case 1: The Flying Fisherman

At the Law Office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr, we have encountered numerous intriguing workers' compensation cases throughout our years of practice. One such case involved a fisherman who claimed workers' comp benefits after being hit by a flying fish while on his fishing vessel.

The incident occurred when the fisherman was diligently performing his duties, and without warning, a large fish catapulted out of the water and struck him on the head. The sheer force of impact caused severe injuries, resulting in the need for medical attention and extended recovery.

Our experienced attorneys successfully argued that the fisherman's injuries were a direct result of his occupational hazards and secured him the deserved workers' compensation benefits.

Case 2: The Ladder Lightning Strike

In another astonishing case, we represented a construction worker who received compensation for injuries sustained during a lightning strike. This extraordinary incident occurred while the worker was on an elevated ladder at a construction site.

As lightning struck nearby, the electric charge traveled through the ladder, severely electrocuting our client. It resulted in significant injuries, including burns and neurological damage.

Our dedicated legal team skillfully established the link between the worker's employment and the unusual accident, successfully securing him workers' compensation benefits to aid in his recovery.

Case 3: The Rogue Roomba

A particularly unique case involved a maintenance worker who suffered injuries caused by a roaming robotic vacuum cleaner at their workplace.

The malfunctioning Roomba developed a mind of its own, exhibiting unpredictable behavior and assaulting the worker, resulting in bodily harm and trauma. Despite the absurdity of the situation, our diligent representation ensured that the injured individual received necessary medical care and the entitled workers' compensation.

Case 4: The Exploding Popcorn Machine

Picture this: a beloved office snack machine suddenly going haywire. We successfully represented an office worker who suffered burns and injuries when a popcorn machine unexpectedly exploded while they were trying to make a mid-afternoon treat.

Though seemingly improbable, our firm recognized the negligence in maintaining the faulty appliance and fought for our client's rights. We secured the deserved compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Case 5: The Time-Traveling Courier

While we can't disclose the name of the courier involved, we successfully represented an employee who was transporting an important parcel when a mysterious accident occurred, resulting in a time-travel incident.

As fantastical as it may sound, our client found themselves thrown into a different era due to an inexplicable anomaly. The shock and confusion caused emotional distress, requiring therapeutic treatment in addition to physical injuries sustained. Our firm diligently pursued the case, understanding the impact on the employee's mental well-being, and secured a substantial settlement.

Case 6: The Paranormal Plumbing Predicament

Our firm is no stranger to cases involving bizarre and paranormal occurrences. We once represented a plumber who encountered a ghostly presence while fixing a leaky faucet in an old haunted building.

The supernatural encounter led to injuries caused by a series of unexplained events, including levitating tools and eerie manifestations. Upholding our commitment to our clients' well-being, we successfully navigated the complex case, ensuring the plumber received the necessary medical care and compensation.

Case 7: The Exploding Printer

In yet another sensation-inducing case, we advocated for an office worker injured when a malfunctioning printer exploded unexpectedly.

While a rare occurrence, the printer malfunction resulted from a manufacturing defect. Our experienced attorneys skillfully fought for our client's rights, securing compensation for their injuries, emotional distress, and any associated financial losses.

Case 8: The Slippery Coffee Incident

Even the most mundane situations can take an extraordinary turn. We represented a professional who suffered injuries due to a slip and fall accident caused by their colleague spilling hot coffee on the floor.

Our dedicated legal team recognized the severity of the injuries sustained, including burns and subsequent medical complications. We successfully demonstrated the employer's negligence in maintaining a safe working environment, ensuring our client received the deserved workers' compensation benefits.

Case 9: The Brush with a UFO

Last but certainly not least, one of our most exhilarating cases involved an employee who encountered a close encounter with a UFO while on the job.

The sighting caused extreme distress and physical reactions, leading to lasting psychological trauma and bodily injuries. Understanding the impact of such a profound event, our experienced team skillfully navigated the complexities of the case, securing appropriate compensation for the employee's ongoing medical and therapeutic needs.

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